6L Portable Food Cooker


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Rocket Boil ‘N’ Cook

6L Portable Food Cooker

Product in the development stage available mid to late 2024


The Rocket Boil ‘N’ Cook portable food cooker™ is designed to provide a variety of cooking options and boiling water for drinking at the same time! The unit is robust, making the ideal portable campfire cooker and it is fuel efficient – you can use small sticks, charcoal or any flammable material.

* Reduce the amount of fuel required to cook
* Reduced costs of buying wood
* Less time searching for wood
* Perfect portable cooker for travelling with a convenient carry handle
* Robust almost indestructible fully stainless-steel construction
* Safe boiled water to drink
* Hot water for washing dishes
* Safe – Built-in fire containment and stable

NOTE: The Rocket Boil ‘N’ Cook™ package does not include pots, woks or other cooking utensils.


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