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Rocket Boil 'N' Cook Portable Food Cooker™

The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook portable food cooker™ is designed to provide a variety of cooking options and provides boiling water for drinking at the same time! An ideal portable cooker for travelling the unit is robust, portable and fuel efficient – you can use small sticks or any flammable material.

  • Indestructible design

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • 30-day money back guarantee


The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook™ is close to indestructible with robust stainless steel manufacturing - simple, efficient and practical it makes the perfect campfire cooker. View our product overview for all the great uses and full specifications of the Rocket Two-In-One.

The Rocket Boil 'N' Cook™ is also ideal for providing much-needed boiling water to drink and convenient cooking facilities in response to a natural disaster. There are a number of unique humanitarian benefits of the Rocket Boil 'N' Cook™.